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Dear Clients of Fedele & Associates,

One of our clients was just awarded a reduction in their tax bill by $758,384.79 after our three year battle with the IRS. Our happy client, Mark and Dawn from Chicago have given me permission to share their incredible success story with you.  We have attached the documentation, so that you can see this great news for yourself.

From the beginning of my accounting and consulting career in 1982, I found joy in being an advocate for people and fighting battles for them with the IRS. I found happiness in putting money back into peoples’ pockets and saving their lives by fixing IRS problems. Different people are good at different things and I have found that I am good at IRS tax audits and financial audits.

There are many little and big things it takes to be good at this. In college I wanted to be a doctor or computer programmer but it wasn’t meant to be, this was my calling, solving peoples’ financial problems, fighting for their rights to the bitter end, and winning. Since the beginning, I have treated all of my clients like they were me. Fighting for them like they were me and feeling for them in my heart like they were me.

I saw injustice against people and wanted to right the wrongs I saw. I believed tenacity, knowing how to deal with IRS agents, and knowing the IRS tax regulations was the key to winning against the IRS, and this has worked for the past 35 years. I learned  enormously and worked tenaciously for Price Waterhouse and Ernst and Whinney in the New York City tax office for ten years. I was trained by the best and consequently became very good at what I do – winning tax audits and obtaining successful results for our clients which includes excellent offers in compromise and lien releases to eliminate financial burdens.

For the past 23 years, I have had my own consulting, tax and accounting practice which recently relocated to Homewood, Illinois. As an Italian growing up in a rough neighborhood in New York and a distance runner for 41 years, I want you to know that I and my firm serve clients faithfully and diligently all over the United States. Dawn and Mark’s IRS problem was recently settled in February 2012 after a three year battle with the IRS, and is only one of the many successes of our firm throughout the years. For Mark and Dawn, a married couple with two children in the Chicagoland area, I reduced the taxes, interest and penalties they owed the IRS in 2008 from $755,380.79 to a refund of $3,004, a cash savings of $758,384.79, and the provided documents are proof of that. Fedele & Associates not only successfully reduced their tax liability but we also successfully obtained an offer in compromise with the IRS. Mark excitedly said to me recently, “You saved my life”. They were looking at having to pay off a $758k liability for the rest of their lives, now they don’t. This is my passion and my calling…..and the people that work for us….to help save people’s lives and beat the IRS.

Extending my passion for helping people beyond the accounting world, I also built an orphanage and school in Haiti in 2002 to save children’s lives and now we have wonderful people supporting our children and a wonderful Board of Directors at Life For The World. For more information visit us at

If you or anyone you know has any IRS problems that they think cannot be solved, or needs individual or business tax returns prepared in the most advantageous way possible, or accounting and consulting for any business, personal financial planning, or financial audits anywhere in the United States, then contact me personally at 219-781-7618 or at our office in Homewood at 708-991-2440. We do more than most tax attorneys, tax accountants and “IRS debt reduction specialists”, because we fight better and know the tax code very well. We are tenacious and we are knowledgeable. Without question and without hesitation, we will do the best job possible for you because it’s our calling and our passion to fix IRS problems for people. We will win for you!

Winning For You,

Michael S. Fedele, CPA
Fedele & Associates

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