Fedele and Associates freed Ryan from $100,440.25 of tax debt.  With his refund we saved Ryan a total of $110,238.25.  No matter how diverse, complex, or extensive your tax situation is Fedele and Associates has the knowledge to free you from the grip of the IRS.  Ryan’s previous accountant missed many deductions that could have saved him money on his 2003-2006 taxes.  Instead the IRS struck him with a $91,373 levy on his bank account and wages.  In addition his 2008 tax return resulted in $9,067 in additional debt.  Fedele and Associates was first able to amend his 2008 return to get rid of his 2008 tax debt. Then, through an audit, we were able to reduce much of his remaining debt by correcting the mistakes made by his previous accountant.  Fedele and Associates also did Ryan’s taxes for the years 2010 through 2012.  We were able to get Ryan refunds for those years that not only eliminated the rest of his debt but also resulted in Ryan receiving a final payment of $9,798.

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