When Christopher didn’t file his taxes in 2004 the IRS did it for him with a substitute tax return and saddled him with $69,271.13 in tax debt.  With the IRS rushing to file substitute tax returns for another 7 years of missed returns, which could end up costing Christopher over $45,000 in additional debt, he decided to seek help from the experts at Fedele and Associates.  Fedele and Associates worked quickly to abate much of the tax debt Christopher owed in 2004.  Because Christopher’s tax returns were never submitted there was no statute of limitations stopping Fedele and Associates from filing them late to prevent the IRS from doing it on his behalf (which could have cost him tens of thousands of dollars).  Thanks to Fedele and Associates Christopher was able to pay his tax debt back at a reasonable rate of $200 a month.  It’s never too late to file your missed tax returns with Fedele and Associates!


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