When Robert was made a victim of identity theft the IRS denied to include his dependents in his 2010 tax return.  The IRS removed his Earned Income Credit and Child Tax Credit resulting in taxes due of about $8,500 instead of the $5,979 refund he would have gotten, a difference of $14,479 .  Robert wanted to appeal the decision but his previous accountant was unable to prepare the necessary documents completely or correctly.  Then Robert came to Fedele and Associates.  We immediately filed a petition with the tax court and an appeal with the taxpayer advocate division of the IRS.  Fedele and Associates, an expert in saving taxes, was able to prepare the documents needed to reverse the decision by the IRS.  This included written and signed statements made by Robert’s dependents’ school, doctor, and pastor asserting his position on the matter.  In addition, documents proving that the dependents had lived with Robert for over six months, such as his tenancy agreement, were also prepared and provided.  The tax court found in Robert’s favor and awarded him a refund of $5,979. Fedele and Associates saved Robert $14,479.  When the IRS has trouble believing in the truth Fedele and Associates is there to back you up.

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