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  • A message from Michael Fedele

Michael Fedele – Certified Public Accountant

Founded in 1996, Fedele and Associates has become a leader among small accounting firms in the Chicagoland area. We combine quality with affordability to provide you with a superior work product, while adding value to your business with accurate and professional reports. As former “Big 4″ CPAs (PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young), we boast over 20 years of experience.

We provide financial auditing and compilation services, full monthly accounting and payroll services, income tax services, collateral maximization, controller support, and new business startup work. Our quality is superior and our affordability is unmatched by CPAs of similar experience and knowledge. We offer the highest quality service at the most affordable price.

We serve publicly and privately owned clients in many industries including construction, real estate, medical, charitable, educational institutions, manufacturing companies, service companies, retail businesses and retirement plans.

We perform all of the start-up work for large and small businesses, both For-Profit and Not-For-Profit, including preparing the Articles of Incorporation, choosing an accounting system, and filing all federal and state forms to get businesses started in every state.

Our specialty is financial auditing. We perform the highest quality financial audits and prepare outstanding reports that include full disclosures to present your company to creditors and third parties in a professional and impressive fashion. We perform these audits in the Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin areas but will travel to other states with reciprocity or will team up with other CPAs to perform the audit.

In connection with financial auditing, we have many years of experience with the most difficult accounting and reporting problems for big and small companies in many industries. We can help you reorganize your business, reconstruct your financial statements, increase revenue, reduce costs and streamline your operations to help your business become profitable. We welcome the hardest challenges in maximizing shareholder value, accounting, financial reporting, auditing and taxes, and guarantee our work.


Why Trust Fedele and Associates?

  • Commitment

    Fedele and Associates commits itself completely to helping our clients. We refuse to give up or back down from a challenge. When other tax accountants say no Fedele and Associates say YES!

  • Expertise

    With over 30 years of experience Fedele and Associates has the tax experts you can trust. Expert knowledge and practical experience can make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful audit.

  • Compassion

    Michael Fedele left his position at a major, successful accounting firm to start his own firm focused on helping those with major tax problems. Since starting Fedele and Associates Michael has changed many of his clients lives for the better.

  • Tenacity

    Fedele and Associates will work tirelessly and confidently to solve your accounting issues. We won’t stop until the job is finished.

Mike on the Radio

Mike speaks on the Cliff Kelley Show

Success Stories

    • Thomas saved $30,000
    • Riley saved $36,000
    • Darrell saved $27,000
    • Charisse saved $27,500
    • Samuel saved over $95,000
    • Kimberly saved over $60,000
    • Omarr saved over $40,000
    • Atlas saved $125,500
    • Robert saved $14,500
    • Willa saved $83,000
    • Crystal saved $6,000
    • Mark saved $88,500
    • Annie saved $166,500
    • Israel saved $25,500
    • Noo More Bare Feet's 501(c)(3)
    • Cat Habitat's 501(c)(3)
    • Charles saved $14,500
    • Troy saved $13,500
    • Stephanie saved over $20,000
    • Edward saved over $6000
    • James saved $87,706.26
    • Gina saved $22,500
    • Andre saved $157,183.57
    • Steve saved $57,534.32
    • Cynthia saved over $40,000
    • Mark saved over $1,000,000