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It's Your Money

Let us help you keep it



  • Cathy came to Fedele and Associates after an error by her former employer and the IRS almost cost her $29,341.54 in taxes.  When she was hired to do contract work her employer erroneously reported her as earning 100 times what she actually made.  They were reluctant to fix the error and the IRS took their word [...]

  • Fedele and Associates freed Ryan from $100,440.25 of tax debt.  With his refund we saved Ryan a total of $110,238.25.  No matter how diverse, complex, or extensive your tax situation is Fedele and Associates has the knowledge to free you from the grip of the IRS.  Ryan’s previous accountant missed many deductions that could have [...]

  • Unlike Fedele and Associates, Vincent’s previous accountant didn’t have access to the IRS database.  Unfortunately, this meant that important information about Vincent’s income was not included in his 2010 return.  His accountant over-reported his income and the IRS taxed him on the excess to the tune of $12,168.  Fedele and Associates was able to access [...]

  • When Robert was made a victim of identity theft the IRS denied to include his dependents in his 2010 tax return.  The IRS removed his Earned Income Credit and Child Tax Credit resulting in taxes due of about $8,500 instead of the $5,979 refund he would have gotten, a difference of $14,479 .  Robert wanted [...]

  • When Gregory and his wife didn’t file their 2008 tax return the IRS filed a substitute return on their behalf. The IRS gave them the worst case scenario and saddled them with over $48,000 in taxes. As if that weren’t enough a full-field audit and penalties raised the total debt to $67,802. Gregory and his [...]

  • Are you a CPA, accountant, or tax specialist looking to start a referral relationship with an experienced, expert CPA?  Fedele and Associates is looking to start potential referral relationships with local colleagues in the field of accounting.   Click here to learn more.

  • Cheryl was self employed and running her own child care service when the IRS pursued an audit against her.  Fedele and Associates was able to fix the mistakes that her previous accountant made and Cheryl ended up saving over $49,000.  In addition, Fedele and Associates helped Cheryl make changes to her business that will save [...]